"ARMOREX®" is cost effective chemical strengthened glass based on soda lime glass combining strength and well cutting property.
"ARMOREX®" is glass that can be used in One Glass Solution(OGS) and cover glass, such as smartphones and tablets.

Impact test
● Stronger than conventional chemically strengthening
 soda lime glass.
 - Compressive stress : ≧650MPa
● Easy to cut after chemical strengthening.
 - Depth of Layer : 10μm - 13μm
● Ideally suited for OGS.
● Guaranteed stable supply and quality control by integrated
 production (from cutting to chemical strengthening process)
 at Taiwan Central Glass Co., Ltd.

Available thickness and size
● Thickness : 0.4mm – 3.2mm
● Size : Available in Gen4.5 (730mm × 920mm)

   Chemical strengthening characteristic   Strength characteristic